Love means taking action

We want that love to be present throughout all of our materials, love for the Earth that created these stunning gems and fine metals, love for the community who brought those materials out of the ground and cut, polished, and brought out the fire and magic in each stone.

We take action by making responsible sourcing and reinvesting in the communities who mine our materials a priority, by creating resources for our clients and industry colleagues alike to make it easier to shop your values, and by being as transparent as we can be about our sourcing and practices.

Our brand purpose goes beyond making and selling jewelry. Enji is about modern, minimal design that is made ethically and sustainably and gives back to the community. As creators and as consumers, our choices have global impact. This is why we consider how things are made to be important and this to be part of our responsibility as a business and global citizens.

As a designer and jeweler, I only work with suppliers that share this view.


Hey I’m Niki

While my journey through the world of ethical and sustainable fashion and jewelry was not an overnight one (and it’s a journey I’m still on and always learning more about), by the time I founded Enji at the end of 2014, I built the brand in connection to these values I had as a lover of fashion and jewelry. We’re all connected. This is why I built my business around modern luxury design and traceable, responsible sourcing to create beautiful pieces you can feel proud to wear. Because I believe jewelry can be a positive force in the world, I also volunteer for organizations in and out of the industry such as Ethical Metalsmiths, the Emerging Jewelry Leadership Council, and the Alliance for HOPE.