Top Tips For Getting Your Ring Engraved

Ring engraving has been a long tradition and usually has a special meaning to those who do it. Engraving a ring doesn’t just have to be for weddings, but for special occasions too. Many college graduates decide to engrave their rings with their graduation date or initials or to commemorate other milestones and achievements. However, if you are going outside the traditional one stop shop you might feel like it's a whole new world (pun intended). So here are Enji’s top tips for getting your ring engraved.


Choose the right ring

Make sure that you have the right ring you want to engrave. It must fit perfectly and be wide enough to fit your message. This is essential as it can be expensive to engrave a ring and a ring cannot be resized afterwards. So, if you are picking a ring, make sure it is perfect to your style.


Pick the Message

The message is literally the whole reason for engraving the ring, so pick it wisely as it is a onetime deal. I cannot tell you what your message to engrave should be, but I can tell you how you should feel. Generally, pick a message that when you read makes you smile, reminds you of a specific person or memory. You should feel proud to wear it and happy to know that it was meant for you. It should also be self-evident that you should check your message’s spelling.


Research a Method of Engravement

There are two main techniques used when it comes to engraving, and it is important to understand both.

An engraving machine can determine the precision and the characters a jeweler can use on a ring.

Laser engravings give you more flexibility with your message and allows you to be very detailed. This can be useful if you are trying to use certain fonts, characters, symbols, or longer messages.


Ask Around

Talk to your jeweler and ask how long engraving takes. The times can vary depending on jeweler from a few minutes to a few weeks. Do not be afraid ask around and figure out what works best for you. You should also ask for pricing as pricing can also vary from jeweler to jeweler. Machine engraving tends to be cheaper while hand engravings are pricier. It is your money and you should be confident in what you are buying.