The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Guide to Traveling With Jewelry

Traveling can be stressful for many people. Whether you are a last-minute packer or a time management wizard there is always something you either forget or anticipate going wrong. Whether you are traveling by airplane across the state or by car to a nearby city you should always be prepared. During the research portion of this article we found that many of the so-called tips involved using plastics and disposable ideas. However, here at Enji we believe it is our responsibility to limit waste too, so we made our guide more eco-friendly. And although the recent holidays are over, you will be able to use these tips and tricks any time you travel.


What to pack

It is important to understand what kind of trip you are having as it dictates what you should bring. Is it business or pleasure? Will there be a family event or be more intimate? What is the weather like? These are all questions to consider when you decide what to bring.

Consider leaving behind your most valuable jewels. You do not need the added stress of possibly losing some of your more expensive jewelry. Maybe leave your wedding ring behind if you will be taking it off all the time at a location you are not familiar with. Also consider that certain jewels will make you more attractive towards pickpockets and you should take proper precautions.

 It is important to only bring the essentials. Plan your wardrobe ahead of time and what jewelry you will want to wear along with it. This will help in preventing over packing and indecisive last-minute choices. Consider also taking pictures of your jewelry before packing in case they get lost and you must verify they are indeed yours.


Where to pack

It is important to understand that where you pack your jewelry matters. Will they be going with you in carry on or in your suitcase? Both places have their advantages and disadvantages. Let's break each of our possible choices down.


Carry on:

Packing jewelry in your carry on or a small purse is most recommended when you travel by plane, bus, or train. This will ensure that your jewelry does not sustain any damages while in transit and while being loaded/unloaded. There will be multiple times when your luggage is not under your direct surveillance and if you do not want to risk losing valuable pieces, it is best to keep them under your watchful eye.

The disadvantage of packing your jewelry in your carry on is that you have less space for items that also matter such as a wallet, documents, snacks, and electronic devices. So, it is advised that you only carry the bare minimum of jewelry when packing it in your carry on.



If you have jewelry that is fun, but not expensive, you might want to consider placing them in your luggage. Some of the advantage of packing jewelry in your suitcase is that it can safely place in between layers of clothes, and as well as be locked up if your suitcase comes with a little lock. You have more space on your carry on and it does not attract attention rattling around in your purse.

One of the downsides is that it can become lost. Although this is more common among airports, it is possible that you can lose your luggage which is why we suggest placing valuable jewelry in your carry on. However, this chance is small and can provide extra space if you are willing to take the risk.


Tips to packing:

It is important to know how to pack your jewelry. You do not want your necklaces to become entangled with rings nor do you want your rings getting scratched by other objects. Consider these tips when packing.