The Magic of Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz, a type of quartz that contains rutile inclusions, is highly-sought-after for its striking beauty. Rutile inclusions form as stunning, needle-like crystals that are usually gray or brown in color, or even red or gold when they contain iron oxide. Many people compare rutile needles to wheat or hair, causing red rutilated quartz to be nicknamed Cupid’s Darts and gold rutilated quartz to be nicknamed Venus hairstone.

Resembling modern art, rutile needles form many fascinating patterns within quartz. Some rutile needles are irregular, shooting like meteors every which way; some cluster in thick pillars, looking like stalactites; others spray outward from a single point, looking like porcupines or pincushions, and a rare few radiate outwards in six points to look like stars.

The rutilated quartz used in Enji’s Fine Collection is rock crystal quartz containing gold or red rutile needles. Any color quartz can contain rutile inclusions, but rock crystal quartz’s icy clarity makes it the best at displaying rutile’s dramatic beauty. Enji’s rutilated quartz jewelry are set in yellow gold or rose gold to draw out the natural color of the rutile. The curved geometry of the gold echoes the natural lines of the rutile crystals and functions as a frame, turning each gem into a work of art.

Simplicity is the key to these designs. Each piece is pared back and polished, with human elaboration kept to a minimum, in order to highlight nature’s handiwork. Each jewelry set with rutilated quartz is an invitation for gem-lovers to pause and marvel at what nature can do.