Spring Back To Life With Our New Line

With the recent thawing of the winter’s chill, San Diego is getting ready to come back to our perfect weather. Spring is the beginning of the warm seasons to come and all the vibrant colored flowers sprouting simply beg us to join them with new floral inspired dresses. Whether you are a colorful individual or a shy introvert, the warm weather offers us the opportunity to show off our new styles. Although San Diego is known for having sunny weather throughout the year, there is nothing more exciting than the thought of being able to frolic in the warm sun with a new look. Enji has composed 8 possible outfits that will hopefully give you inspiration for the new season and help you use jewelry to enhance your new look.

Like we said spring is known for fun colorful patterns and warm colors.

Why not visit the bay with an Ocean Queen Look?

This royal blue floral pattern gives you the perfect excuse to match with the sun’s golden rays. A small scarf will you keep you warm in the ocean’s breeze and the gold jewelry offers a beautiful contrast to the blue. Wear wedges for a comfortable by the bay look and you will radiate like high nobility. 


Having a difficult time getting away from the office? Bring the garden inside with a Floral Business style.

A subtle nude and floral shirt gives a professional look while still having a pop of color. A rose gold pendent will complement the colors and silver pieces say you can still handle business. Add some flower pins to your hair as a final addition and no one will question what season it is.


If you are not into something too flashy try our Modern Princess outfit.

A flowy dress allows for an elegant style. Add denim jacket for a city feel, plus wedges to complement, and you are ready to go! Rose gold colors are always a hit. These raw diamonds ring will make the whites on this dress pop with life. Grab a rose gold purse and you are sure to look like royalty.


Spring doesn’t have to be all about vibrant floral patterns. Solid colors and contrasts are also important.

If you are constantly running around, consider our Comfortably Busy outfit.

This minimalistic outfit ensure you have enough flexibility, while still being a spring queen. Rose colors are always spring ready, and a color coordinate satchel ensure you don’t forget anything. Bring some nude shoes for a comfortable all day look that can’t be stopped.


If you love being in the sun, consider our Solar Goddess look.

The soft blue details mimic the sky and give perfect contrasts to the vibrant solid yellows. You will look like you fell from the heavens with this stellar outfit. The yellow gold also helps highlight the simplicity of the outfit while establishing a graceful and elegant feel.


Spring activities aren’t just during the day. Take a relaxing night off with you friends with what we call a Soft Night look.

The rhodium plated sterling silver earrings give a look that perfectly complements white colors. Three silver stacking rings also help contrast white and dark colors and our stunning bracelet is sure to get you compliments. Add some white shoes so your white top stands out and you sure to pop in any social gathering.


Spring is also known for having stunning blues and greens. Try some dresses for some spring events.

Going abroad this year? Try our gorgeous Spring Break inspired outfit.

A vibrant blue color will make you feel tropical by the water. Delicate silver Hashtag Earrings ensure that you have a conversation starter. You can also use other silver pieces to help give a reflective water feel. Small details will also help complete your look like a color coordinate hat to keep your skin free from the sun’s harm.


Another great look is flowy dresses with crystals for an organic Sea Breeze style.

The blue to white Ombre pattern on the dress mimics the tropical breeze with its flowing body. Silver and crystal pieces help maintain a simple, but elegant look. This statement quartz pendant also helps give an eye catching detail unlike any other. A small purse also helps bring the whole look together and provides an opportunity to match shoes (off white shoes used for photography purposes)



Perhaps a spring wedding or a dinner party to attend to, so why not try our Elegant Rose ensemble.

This beautiful lace dress gives the illusion of length and sophistication. Our statement earrings replicate beautiful petals and give you a chance to match with our sapphire ring. Put on some strappy heels to mimic stems and you are sure to capture anyone's heart.


Whatever your style this spring may be, make sure you are confident in your choices. Do not be afraid to accessorize. The simplest details can score you big complements. If you are inspired by our outfits, make sure you post your spring look on our social medias. We would love to see them, and you rock this spring!