Ring Resizing And What You Need To Know

Resizing a ring can seem like a daunting task especially if you have never done it before or have a ring that holds special value to you. There are few things you should know before you even start looking for a professional jeweler. The primarily questions that you need to ask yourself are…

"Does the ring actually need to be resized?”

Because ring resizing is usually a one time deal it is possible that you can get away with not resizing it at all. If you have never worn a ring for extended period before, it may be difficult judging how tight it should feel. The ring should go on easily and give a bit of resistance when taken off. The tightness you feel should be enough to feel odd but dissipate over a few days as your finger adjust. If after a week you feel it is still too tight or loss, then you should consider resizing.

(correctly fitted rings - tight but not too tight of a fit

"Does my ring consist of intricate patterns or precious stones?”

If the answer is yes, then your ring is not a candidate for being resized. Intricate patterns that extend all the way around the ring cannot be resized in anyway. The same goes with stones. If there are gemstones around the ring or set in the metal resizing might loosen or damage the stones. It is important you take a ring to a professional you can trust to ensure that your stones do not get damaged in the process.

(intricate ring that cannot be resized without damage)

“What material is my ring made from?”

Not all metals can be resized due to their composition and difficulty to work with. Titanium, tungsten, and stainless steel are some examples of metals that cannot be resized. It is understood that wood, bone, glass, or stone rings also cannot be resized and should not be attempted.

If you answer all these questions and still think it is a good idea to resize your rings, then you can ask yourself whether you need to make your ring smaller or larger. Below are a few guidelines to doing so.

(rings made from wood and jade, that cannot be resized)

Making your ring smaller

  • This method of resizing is the simplest one and easy for a professional jeweler to do.
  • Part of the ring is usually taken out, soldered shut and the ring made circular again.
  • The ring should then be smoothed out and refinished to match the original finish
  • There should be no visible marks of where the soldering occurred and should be smooth to the touch.

  • Personal hint: If you cannot resize your ring or don’t want to risk it, there are products on amazon which you can buy to help close the gap between your ring and finger for a more comfortable fit.

Making your ring larger

  • There are two methods on how to make a ring larger. Stretching and a similar method to the one above.
  • Stretching should only be used if the ring needs to be less than half a size. Anything more and the ring will require the other method
  • The other method is to cut the ring, add metal and solder shut.
  • Both methods will require reshaping and should also be smoothed out and polished.

The most important thing to look for and discuss with your jeweler is stone settings. Make sure that any ring you resize will not compromise the stone settings. Second most important is the ring’s designs. Stretching of rings might distort any details or designs on the ring. Enji encourages you to talk to different jewelers and get a second opinion before trusting your beloved rings to someone.