Mother's Day Gift Guide

Still wondering what to get for mom this year? A lot of our usual go-to’s like brunch are off the table this year with much of the world still physical distancing to keep one another safe. If you’re still thinking of new ideas, we called in an expert to mom! While we live in the same city, we have been maintaining our distance as well, so I FaceTimed her for a little advice on special pieces for the mamas in your life and here are her top five picks. These one of a kind gifts are sure to leave her stunned!

“I love this stone. It feels like a shield when you’re wearing it and looks unique and eye catching but in a way that’s still classic.” Black tourmaline is a stone full of healing and protective energy, with each slice showing off their natural edges for a one of a kind look. Send her a gift that’s all about that good energy! Or shop the look in silver here.

“I love these diamond studs because they don’t look like all the other diamond studs out there.” 

The Alta studs are a modern take on the classic one carat diamond studs and make a great gift. Made with ethically sourced rough diamonds from South Africa, each pair is one of a kind due to natural variations in the diamonds. Set in recycled 14k gold, these earrings make a distinct and modern statement and have a forward thinking impact. These diamond earrings are also available in white and rose gold.

“I’ve always loved your quartz pendants but this one is definitely a favorite.” This one of a kind gem is the perfect gift and quartz is the mother of all gems for cleansing and energizing. The ethically sourced Brazilian golden rutilated quartz sits in a hand fabricated recycled 14k gold setting. The golden lines intersect in the stone, highlighting those special moments in our lives with loved ones.

“This is my favorite ring, and I wear mine everyday. There’s no way I could leave it out from this list.” The three flush set Canadamark diamonds perfectly accent the smooth taper of the ring. This is one she won’t want to take off.

“Even though it’s a preorder, it’s the meaning here that counts, that we’re all giving and helping each other out.” We’ve extended our Hope pendant preorder just a little, with pendants giving back to the Alliance for Hope. 50% of each is donated to help survivors of domestic violence during the pandemic and donations are sent asap.

Or if you still can’t decide or want to design something completely unique for her, email us to purchase a gift card! She’ll love the experience of design a custom piece together, and it can all be taken care of virtually. Wishing all the mamas a happy Mother’s Day!