Jewelry Trend: The Rise Of Rose Gold

If you haven't heard gold has made a comeback with a new look. Rose gold has resurfaced as a recent trend and this beautiful color has inspired everything from jewelry to Iphones. Rose gold’s stunning color makes it a one of a kind trend in the jewelry industry. In today’s blog Enji would like to review how this trend made a comeback some possible styles you might love from our collection.



If you read my previous article, Common Jewelry Allergy Causing Metals , you are aware that rose gold is a combination of two metals. Gold itself is very soft and easy to dent, so jewelers typically combine it with other metals to make it stronger. Rose gold is a combination of copper and gold which can causes common allergic reactions. Unfortunately, if you do have a copper allergy you might have to forgo this trend and stick to pure silver or 14 karat gold. But rose gold wasn’t always so popular.

Rose first became popular during 9th century Russia, earning the nickname “Russian Gold.” Its brilliant color fascinated many, but unfortunately did not last as a trend. Since then rose gold had many popular periods including, the Victorian era, and did not regain popularity until the 1920’s.

Rose gold was reintroduced to the Americas through a trinity ring exhibiting white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. However, this trend didn’t last and was quickly cast aside for platinum, a popular metal at the time.

Platinum remained a popular metal until World War II, when all platinum was repurposed for war supplies and became rare for jewelry. This gave new breath to gold products and with it rose gold. Ever since then rose gold has maintained its popularity.



Although Enji can make most of your jewelry out of rose gold. Here are some we believe you will fall in love with.