It's Time for a Fashion Revolution Part 2

Today both people and the environment suffer because of the way the fashion industry operates and the way we consume fashion. We live in a capitalist society, meaning companies have to sell more clothing and make a profit in order to succeed, but by no means should it ignore the true costs of their operations or come at the expense of people’s health, dignity, or lives or at the expense of the environment (after all, what good is money if we’re all dead.)

H&M, one of the companies who manufactured at the Rana Plaza prior to the collapse, burned $4.3 billion in unsold clothing last year. But that’s not even the ridiculous part:

“The scale of the problem illustrates H&M’s vast size — as one of the world’s largest clothing manufacturers, it produces hundreds of millions of items each year. There are so many that a power plant in Vasteras, the town where H&M founded its first store, relies partly on burning defective products the retailer cannot sell to create energy.” -New York Times