Golden Initiative at the Pyramid Mine

Have you ever wondered where your gems come from? With our Pyramids Capsule Collection, we know exactly where our gems come from, a single source in Bahia, Brazil, the Pyramid mine. So we are here to shine a light on an initiative from one of our favorite suppliers. Mine owner, Brian Cook, first formalized his claim and began organizing the miners over the course of 14 years and has created a responsible sourcing initiative that is unique in the industry. Unlike large tech projects like DeBeers blockchain platform or very costly certification schemes like the Responsible Jewelry Council which could further marginalize small mining communities that can’t pay to play, this initiative starts small scale with artisanal mining communities in Brazil.

This initiative aims to help artisanal and small scale miners with economic empowerment, micro-finance, value added enterprises like sorting and cutting rough gemstones, improved working conditions, safety, education, empowering women, land reclamation, and improved mining skills. He follows what he calls the “seven generations rule”, to go beyond basic industry needs like transparency to also promote good land stewardship to help mitigate the effects of climate change by pairing extractive activities like mining with regenerative agriculture. This environment will still be around in seven generations (pending climate change).

“All of this will be demonstrated in this exotic biome, semi remote area where the lessons and results can be documented, studied and promoted. The success of this model depends on building the infrastructure now. “Someone” said Just Do It......... From large companies to the artisanal designers, the value will be manifest in stories, and the transparency. On the ground we will be establishing centers for food security, education, respect for culture, while improving the core mining activities of ASM gemstone communities.” Says Brian.

The beauty of his initiative truly matches the beauty of the gems from this mine and such a holistic view of what ethical sourcing means is truly unique in the jewelry industry. It is because of people like Brian Cook and many others working towards real change in jewelry is why I can say I love this industry so much.