Enji’s Top Holiday Picks For The Family: Part 3

The holiday is just around the corner and our holiday gift guide ends right on Black Friday. To help conclude our three-part series, we want to focus on the members of the family who never fail to make us smile. They are the youngest members of the family and often bring us joy and surprise us with unremarkable kindness. Although you might not have your own biological children there is usually a child or young adult in your family that you can appreciate. On this gift guide we break away from the traditional gifts of electronics and video games to recommend more traditional toys and novelty items your young family member might enjoy. Our list consists of gift ideas for all ages (even family members who are young at heart). Starting from youngest to oldest, here are our top picks for the holiday season.


Organic Plush Wooden Teether Elephant Louise

Being a mother is difficult, especially when a baby is teething. Consider giving this teething toy to a child who is going through this phase. The fabric is 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton that has been printed with low-impact dyes and the stuffing is 100% organic too. The untreated Beech wood is also removable and easy to clean. The ears make crinkling sounds when touched to provide a stimulating toy. The contrast between hard wood and soft cotton give the child a choice in their teething comfort. $25 seems like a small price to pay for a toy that will not only comfort a crying child but give mom a break too. Check out Green Home’s website for more organic and recycled plastic toys for all ages.




This wonderful toy has lots to explore. With 60 pieces this super thick puzzle, made from recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly inks, will entertain the little ones for hours. It is recommended for ages 5+ but who is to say you can’t join in on the fun too? And for only $19.99 it is an easy way to bond with the youngest of family members.



Eccentrick Mystery Box

As children grow up there are fewer items that cater to a sustainable lifestyle. Although not sustainable, this magic set supports a local magic store found right here in San Diego. The Magic Shop San Diego is run locally since 2010 with a second store opening in 2014, and they are always supported by locals and surrounding area. Something that might not come to mind when you think San Diego is the thriving magical community, but these little stores have tons of support from professional magicians who believe in teaching younger generations. Set such as these normally run for about $29.95



Eleven T-Shirt

Keeping along the line of supporting local San Diego store, this pop culture shirt is brought to you by Super 7 a store focusing on specific pop culture and comic books. Although it originally opened its first store in San Francisco, it has made a home in San Diego due to the popular event known as Comic Con and large comic book culture. This shirt is the silhouette of the main character known as Eleven from the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Although this show is for a more mature audience it has received much attention from teenagers and young adults. Just like their merchandise, this shirt is one of a kind and is sold for $30 online and in stores. Check out the rest of their merchandise to ensure that your young adult is the only one at school to show of this cool t-shirt.



Check out some other popular local San Diego stores.

https://www.sochildish.com/boutique Standard store for younger ages. Has lots of toys, books, and clothing.


http://www.appleboxtoys.com/ hand-painted personalizing on our nostalgic wooden toys & room décor!


http://replaytoysboutique.com/ A thrifty children’s Boutique. Offer quality preowned products in an educational and playful environment. Also accepts used toys as trades.


http://www.empirecollectibles.com/ Classic comic book store for young adults and children.


http://www.villainouslair.com/ More edgy comic book store that appeals to those who have a villainous side.


https://abneysmagic.com/ Toys, games, magic, novelty toys, jokes, and gags. Better for children and teens.