Enji’s Favorite 2018 Engagement Ring Trends

Spring has just arrived in San Diego and just like the flowers, love is about to bloom. It’s wedding season here in southern California where our weather permits us to start the wedding season early and end later than most cities. But every wedding has a humble beginning and you cannot get to the most important day without asking the most important question. 2018 has already been filled with love and many newly engaged couples share their unique rings. Enji has made our top favorite engagement ring trends that we are absolutely in love with.


Unique Cuts

One of the biggest emerging trends among new brides is one of a kind diamond cuts. With today’s mass production it is easy to find common cookie cutter wedding rings. These rings are not only made for mass production but often lack the unique detail most brides are looking for. We love how brides are seeking gemstone as rare as their love story. Here at Enji our favorite unique look is the rough diamond. Although not technically cut, rough diamonds will never be the same and give an amazing fresh breath to the standard engagement ring.


Rose Gold

In case you missed it, rose gold is trending again. Enji loves how this trend finally reached wedding and engagement rings! Rose gold had a huge explosion in popularity the past couple of years, so we knew it was only a matter of time until it influenced our brides to be. Rose gold is beautiful for spring or summer proposals adding a splash of color to any wardrobe. Its unique pink shade is stunning and works well with most diamonds and stones. Enji even has a few rings that were inspired by these trends, featuring unique gems set in rose gold.


Colored Stones

Enji is a big fan of this rising trend. This trend was originally inspired by the rising awareness of the unethical and inhumane mining practices of conflict diamonds. Many conscious brides realized colored stones were a better option and the jewelry industry quickly caught on. Colored stones also gained momentum from celebrities praising these vibrant gems for their beauty. What bride wouldn’t want to express herself with breathtaking colored gemstones?


Cluster stones

Another popular trend is clustering stones together to provide a unique feel. This technique is stunningly different to what is mass produced in the market today. Although traditionally engagement rings have one big diamond, not all brides want a big flashy stone, some brides elect to have a more sensible and delicate balanced ring. The cluster stone trend gives simple brides the option to have a unique and beautiful ring that matches her personality. Remember sometimes less is more and every bride is different.


Split Shank

Although the split shank ring style isn’t new, there has been a wider version gaining attention. This beautiful technique relies on two bands parallel to each other, with a stone in the middle. The delicate ring detail gives the illusion that the diamond is suspended in the middle. Enji loves how this style can be simple and delicate without losing any of its elegance. It is one of our best sellers and even comes in three colors.


Square Band

2018 is the year brides are breaking the mold. Literally! This year has been filled with one of a kind designs and out of the box styles and the bands are no exception. While circular bands are traditionally used in engagement ring designs, brides have been speaking volumes about square bands. This shape provides sleek elegant features while providing the bride with more comfort as the shape is known to pinch less than circular bands. This simply goes to show that there is a ring for every type of woman.


Open Rings

Another popular out of the box idea is open engagement rings. Unlike traditional wedding rings that are a closed loop, brides have decided to go in a more modern style and wear rings that do not connect. These stunning rings give a contemporary feel as opposed to traditional styles. Enji elects to design modern and one of a kind styles so we love how this trend is gaining more momentum.