Checking In and Giving Back

It’s been a couple weeks since we had to close the studio and I wanted to check in with all of you. How are you doing? Are you still working and easily finding ways to pass the time while sheltering in place? Are you busy with your children and family home? Maybe reorganizing and getting to some projects you’ve long put off? Coping with a rollercoaster of emotions? 

I know personally, I’ve oscillated between all of the above (minus the kids, we only have a greyhound), finding some days easily flying by between working from home and my new home fitness routine, other days struggling with all of the emotions that have come from temporarily closing my “nonessential” business. Every day, I would spend a little time with my partner sitting on our terrace, and think of the things I am grateful for during this time. One thing that I will never take for granted is that I have a safe home to shelter in place in. I often thought about what would have become of me had an order like this been enacted at other points in my life, when I would have feared more the dangers that lurked behind the closed doors of home than exposure or even death from this virus. I feel lucky and privileged to be sitting through the pandemic from this vantage point. I am safe, I am healthy, and I have the support of my loved ones and my community and I am extremely grateful for all of these things.

While I’ve never publicly shared my story (and am not about to now), I’ve been a long time volunteer with the Alliance for Hope and Camp Hope and an advocate for domestic violence survivors. April is even National Child Abuse Prevention Month, but in reality these stay at home orders highlight a pandemic within a pandemic and we’re already seeing child abuse and domestic violence cases and deaths rise. This week, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in a public statement said: “I urge all governments to make the prevention and redress of violence against women a key part of their national response plan to COVID-19.” However, not all governments have taken such action and family justice centers, non-profits, and shelters need support to save the lives of domestic violence victims and their children.

During uncertain times like these, we could all use a little hope. So we’re releasing the Hope pendant for pre-order to help domestic violence survivors where we can. We designed this pendant for the Alliance for Hope, featuring rays of light, since they truly are a beacon of hope for so many families. 50% of each pendant sale is donated to the Alliance for Hope and with each purchase you are giving hope to many others. You can even pre-order one for a loved one who could use a little hope at this time.

While our studio is still closed until it’s deemed safe to reopen, we’ll send you (or your loved one) a card or email with their gift of hope and their impact and we’ll send your donation ASAP. I’m already looking forward to creating little tokens of hope for you to send out once we reopen. It’s not everyday that I get this personal on our website, but please join us in this effort to give back and spread hope.

To preorder one for yourself or a loved one, click here

With love, stay safe <3