Birthstones of the month: Peridot and Sardonyx

Enji is introducing a new blog segment to honor those who were born each month. If this isn't your month don't worry, just keep come back on your birth month and check out what birthstone is yours. Congratulations to the people who are born in August! Here are 10 fun facts to help you celebrate this special occasion. 


1. Peridot is a gem-quality form of the mineral olivine. It is also referred to as chrysolite.

2. Because it can be found around volcanoes, miner must dig very deep around the site to find Peridot. If you live near volcanic eruption there is a chance you might find the stone.

3. If you really are trying to find this stone it is probably best that you live near San Carlos reservation in Arizona as it is the most common place in the United States but it can also be found in Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan and Kenya.

4. Hawaiians believe that Peridot symbolizes the tears of Hele, their goddess of fire and volcanoes. Mostly because of the gem’s association with Volcanoes.

5. There are several symbolisms associated with Peridot such aslove, truth, faithfulness and loyalty. The energies from the gemstone can also suppress ego and jealousy.

6. The name Sardonyx is split up into two words viz. “sard” and “onyx”. Sard is Greek word that means “reddish brown” and onyx meaning “veined gem.”

7. Sardonyx is mined on every continent and is in plentiful supply.

8. The stones properties are believed that it helps in building friendship and marital relations stronger. It is also believed to enhance the qualities like stamina, vigor, energy, self-control, and creativity thus, referred as “stone of virtue”.

9. This gemstone is orange-red in color and the colors of bands are white and reddish brown. It is also available in other colors such as yellow, brown, white, purple, gray, black, pink, and green.

10. No two gemstones would have the same pattern of the band. The patterns and colors of the veins are irregular and occur naturally.