All About Canadamark Diamonds

When we mention the word “diamond” most people think of the African mining operations, but there is another source many seem to forget. Today Enji believes that we should bring attention to those who choose to be ethically and sustainably responsible. Canadian Diamonds are among some of the world's most sustainable diamonds and we feel that it is time you got to know why.

As the name infers, Canadamark diamonds, are all mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories. These mines were not found until the 1991, by two geologists, Chuck Fipke and Stewart Blusson. These men discovered there was evidence of diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes 200 miles from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Since then the mine have continued to grow with, three major mines producing over 13 million carats of gem-quality diamonds per year in 2006.

But what makes these mines so different than those in Africa is that Canada is a well-established country that takes pride in ethical and sustainable practices. Canadamark Diamonds pledge to their customers that their diamonds are mined with the utmost respect for their employees and environment.

On Canadamark official website they state “Every Canadamark diamond comes with the assurance that it has been mined in a way that prioritizes workers’ health and safety, upholds labour laws, pays people fairly and benefits local communities”.

Canadamark also insures their diamonds meet the following standards 1) ”Responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories” 2) “Natural and untreated” 3) “Tracked through audited processes at every stage from country of origin to polished stone” and 4) “Polished to meet specific quality standards.”

Clearly Canadamark takes the process of the diamond seriously. Electing to have various check point during its journey to guarantee the consumer the highest quality. However, Canadamark does not stop with the consumer. They ensure to also prioritize social and environmental responsibility.

Canadamark ensure the wellbeing of the local environment by working under strict regulations that help protect the land, water, air and wildlife of mining sites. On their website they state that they work with indigenous people of the land both, older and newer generations, to ensure that preserve their traditional knowledge for future generations, as well as help protect the land and wildlife.

Dominion mines, one of Canadamark’s main mining operations, continually makes stride toward positive social impact. They have contributed $6.6 million to northwest territories and nunavut through payments, scholarship, and donations. Diavik Mines also contributed $5 million every year towards local communities through, projects, donations, and scholarships.

Enji’s faceted diamonds are all certified Canadamark and ensure that your diamonds are ethically and sustainably sourced. Please tell us what you love most about how the Canadian Diamond is changing the jewelry industry.