3 Differences Between White Gold And Silver

The choice between white gold and silver isn’t an easy one. Both metals are beautiful and similar choices when it comes to style. Many people assume that because the two metals are similar in appearance that they should be treated with the same care, but couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite their similarities each metal requires different care and storage. Today Enji wants to talk about the three main differences between white gold and silver, and how you should care for each one. Remember that it is important to weigh the difference between the two before choosing one.



One of the big differences between the two metals is durability. In general white gold tends to be made of yellow gold and a combination of white metals, such as nickel or palladium. When the two metals are combined they give strength and a mirror like shine to white gold. The combination of these metals makes gold more durable and resistant to scratches and corrosion.

Silver on the other hand is known for being a softer metal and will obtain its durability from other metals such copper. Since silver is traditionally soft, it is more prone to damage and tarnish over the years. That is why it is advised to buy wedding rings, a piece of jewelry worn daily, in white gold rather than silver.



Another difference in the two metals are the maintenance that is required for both. White gold needs little care to stay beautiful. Like we previously mentioned, since white gold is more durable it needs fewer maintenance. However most white gold items are plated with rhodium to give it an amazing finish. This plating over time can become dull and wear out, causing the piece to lose its mirror like finish. This can easily be solved by reapplying a finish every couple of years.

Silver on the other hand requires more attention to maintain its beautiful shine. Silver is prone to tarnish, but not rust. This means that your silver will start to look hazy and require regular maintenance either at home or from a jeweler.

Whatever you choose, you should end up having your jewelry reviewed for damages and cleaning about every 2 years.



This is the part where people will only look at, and it is unfortunate since silver will always be cheaper than gold. But you also must take into consideration what you read above.

Yes, white gold is more expensive than silver and with good reason, it is made of gold. Gold has many great qualities and is considered more of an investment. It is cheaper than platinum and considered more affordable for wedding rings and special occasions.

Silver on the other hand is one of the most affordable metals in the market and makes it a key ingredient in costume jewelry. In general silver is more budget friendly.



Enji's advice is that if you are going to buy jewelry it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both metals. White gold is suited for more long term and excessive wear, while silver is a good choice is you are on a budget and require a cute piece to complete an outfit.