The Summer Guide to Traveling with your Jewelry

Summertime and vacation season are definitely upon us as even workaholic me is getting ready to pack up for two weeks and travel. Whether you’re a last minute packer or a time management wizard, you’ll find some tips below for how to best pack your jewelry when heading off to your next destination. And because we’re all about ways to be more sustainable, we’ve included ideas that don’t use disposable containers and that even repurpose other household items to keep your jewelry stored safely when you travel. 

The first question always is, what do I pack? And it’s a good one to ask yourself if you’re an over packer like me. How long am I going for? What occasions do I need to dress for? What will the weather be like? Planning your outfits out ahead of time can make it easier to narrow down your jewelry too. It’s important just to bring the essentials, especially since jewelry is valuable (in the monetary and emotional sense) and it’s often small and easy to lose. Also consider taking a photo of your jewelry in case anything is lost or you need to verify that it’s yours.

My first tip is always pack your jewelry in your carry on luggage. This minimizes the risk of it being lost or damaged while traveling. And if you travel often like I do, I suggest investing in a travel jewelry case or jewelry roll. They’re a great way to keep jewelry organized while you travel and they’re durable and reusable. For some great luxe jewelry rolls and cases, check out Wolf or Case Elegance for vegan alternatives. 

If you’d rather not buy a travel case or roll, here are some ways to repurpose household items to secure your jewelry in your luggage. Wrapping necklaces in washcloths and securing with a rubber band is a great way to keep them from getting tangled. An old eyeglasses container also can be used to store jewelry, just keep in mind to provide padding between different pieces so they don’t bounce around and scratch each other.

Or if you’re traveling with lots of small earrings and rings, and old pill container is a great place to pack them. Line the inserts with some tissue or cotton balls to keep the jewelry from bouncing around it. Another great way to keep studs and small earrings together and organized is with buttons. I’m sure we all have a handful of extras from coats and other clothing. 

I also like to think about jewelry cleaning if I’m gone for an extended trip. A jewelry cleaning pen or using a clean makeup brush (I have one that’s only for jewelry) with warm water and soap are great for light cleaning on the go.

And here are a few of my go to picks for summer travel. These pieces are great for layering, easy to pack, and the warm gold tones and cool colors give me that summer feeling: