Jewelry Trend: Recycling Family Jewelry To Make New Wedding Rings

There has been a recent growing trend that is both ethical and adorable! I am talking about recycling old family jewelry to make something new. I have read this emerging trend is popular among of couples who are recycling their heirlooms to make their own custom wedding rings. It is a cute and ethical way to pay tribute to those who we love while still being able to have your own personal twist.


There are 5 reasons why I think this is a beautiful idea:


First you can pay tribute to both your loved ones. The idea of a man obtaining the family ring from his mother or grandmother is a beautiful concept, but a bit outdated. Most women support equality and being able to contribute their family heirlooms to create something new for both shows that she is an equal part of the marriage. Both sides of the family are remembered, even those who have passed, instead of only one side of the family.


Second, you and your partner are choosing an ethical route over mass produced jewelry. Many rings under mass production come from unethical mines and are sometimes made in substandard labor conditions. We all know mining can be a dirty industry. Diamonds and colored stones from some mines rely on forced and child labor as well as government corruption and cause environmental pollution. By choosing to recycle old jewelry you are electing to support clean and responsible practices. You are voicing your opinion that those unethical practices are not ok and you will not support businesses that choose profits over people and the planet.


Third, you have a custom ring that means more to you than an a mass produced ring. Customized rings are growing in population as more brides want something unique, personal, and sentimental. Having a ring made from metals and gemstones from your family's heirlooms ensure that you will be the only person to ever have that ring. That ring will never be made again and it will always hold a special place in your heart, just like your family. 


Fourth, you and your partner will literally be combining families. Not only is your ring a symbol to honor and remember your family but also a way to remember your partner’s. You are starting a new life together, and the symbolism of recycling your ring reflects your marriage.

  1. You each have your own families, represented by your heirloom jewelry (a whole piece).
  2. You both decided that you want to come together as one (heirloom jewelry is broken down and metals are combined).
  3. But even after you come together you both still hold a piece of your previous life (gemstones are set into new rings).
  4. So you get married and both you and your partner form a new life and a new family. (a new ring means a new journey, while still reminding you where you came from)


Lastly, you can save some money. Buying a diamond or gemstone can be expensive and often costs thousands of dollars. But the nice part of recycling heirloom jewelry is that you can use their stones and set it in your new rings. You save yourself the trouble of looking for a perfect cushion cut diamond if your grandmother’s ring already has one.