How To Figure Out Your Ring Size

Have you ever found a ring on the internet that you absolutely would love to purchase, but you are not entirely sure of your ring size? The last ring you bought was a while ago, plus you are not sure if other conditions apply. Don’t worry we have all been there, and we heard your questions. Today we wrote this article to help you navigate the tricky world of online jewelry buying.

If you are a loyal Enji fan, you might have noticed we previously wrote an article about how to resize your ring. We encourage you to read “Ring Resizing And What You Need To Know” as it contains useful information about ring sizes.

Before we jump in and help you figure out your ring size there are a few conditions you need to understand.

Fingers change. Losing or gaining weight isn’t the only change we are talking about when understanding your ring size. Fingers are part of you, a living and breathing human, who will undergo small changes every day, even if you are not aware. Water retention, humidity, and temperature are all factors to take into consideration. You finger might swell as you retain water in high heat, or shrink under chilly winds.

Not all sizing is the same. Make sure when you are buying you can figure out your size in American or US sizes. Some countries like Spain and Italy has slightly different sizing that look like our but are completely different. There is even variation among the US and some jewelers will not have the same size

Not all rings are made the same. Some ring have designs that cause the inner part of be slightly domed to give a more comfortable fit. Different rings will also vary on how large the dome is and will vary from ring to ring. Make sure to take into account the type of fit you want.

Now we can size your ring using the following method.

Wait until the end of the day to measure your finger, when it is most likely at its biggest size.

Take a piece of paper and cut into the width of a ring about ½ an inch. You can also use a piece of floss or non-stretch string.

Wrap the paper or string around your finger and allow some room for your knuckle. Remember a ring won’t fit if it can’t pass your second knuckle.

Here’s a visual guide to show exactly how to do it:

Mark where the loop closes and measure it using millimeters.

Remember that not all fingers are the same and are often different on each hand. Repeat this process for every finger you wish to know a size for.

Use the millimeter number and convert into a sizing chart. Here is one for reference.