Enji's Jewelry Guide to Different Occasions

Being a woman in today’s time can be challenging, everyday people expect you to look well put together. Your job expects you to come in looking your professional best and certain events like weddings and formals even have a dress code. Whatever the occasion, jewelry can be a powerful ally when putting together an outfit. Today we will go over some common occasions you encounter, and what is the best type of jewelry you can wear. What metals or types of jewelry you should own, and what styles are best.


Colors play a central part to your wardrobe whether you prefer mostly black (like I do) or vibrant festive patterns it is important not to clash. The same can be said about your accessories. If you are not sure what colors look good together you can consult a color wheel. You would want to pick a primary color like red, blue, or yellow and have a secondary color to help highlight your wardrobe. If you are adventurous you can pick a color opposite of your primary color. And of course, don’t forget that black and white typically go with just about any color.


Jewelry comes in many forms and styles, but here a few that Enji finds important to have.

Classic accessories: pearl or diamond earrings. They are small but elegant on any occasion

Glamorous accessories: dangling earrings, short necklace or statement necklace, cocktail ring,

Playful accessories: chunky jewelry in bright colors

Edgy accessories: thick cuff bracelet, choker necklace,

Workday accessories: delicate necklace, classic watch, subtle earrings

It is important to have both statement pieces and delicate or subtle for various occasions. Don’t be afraid to try on different styles of jewelry.


Now that you have an idea on what kind of jewelry would go well with what outfits, here are some likely scenarios where your jewelry can help elevate your outfit.


Job interviews:

When going to a job interview it is important to dress in clean sharp clothes and minimal classic accessories. A pearl necklace or diamond earrings are a good contrast against a dark suit. Wearing silver piece, like a bracelet, also makes a good contrast against dark colors. These Enji earrings are good abstract earrings that subtly highlights the shirt. The layered rings are also contributing a delicate touch.


Casual night with friends:

Although your friends wouldn’t judge you if you were to show up in jeans and a plain white shirt, there are easy ways for you to accessorize. Wearing a long necklace that compliments your shirt color is a quick way to impress. Consider a statement necklace, like Enji’s black tourmaline, that matches your jacket or shoes. Layering on necklaces and bracelets is another easy way to breathe life into your outfit. These earrings also help frame your face and the ring brings attention to your outfit.


Depending on what industry you work in, your jewelry should reflect that. Professional environments can require either subtle or statement jewelry. If you do not have to work with customers directly and if your office allows, consider wearing more vibrant colors. Let your jewelry reflect your personality while still being professional. Using the color wheel, a simple purple dress can really make gold jewelry pop.


Dinner Party:

This is one of the occasions where you have the most creative liberty with your jewelry. You choose to be extravagant or as simplistic as you want. I am personally a fan of wearing a little black dress and having my jewelry be the center of the attention. Pick colors that will stand out like silver on black, don’t be afraid to try something new. Wear whatever makes you feel confident.


Formal events:

Opposite to the dinner party, formal events are all about the dress. Everyone want to look their best and the easiest way for you to do so, is by letting your jewelry compliment your beautiful elegant gown. Color gemstones are a great accessory to match your gown, while long and delicate necklaces can help highlight slender flowing gowns. Gemstones like diamonds and crystals can also help give an elegant feel.