Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

Getting engaged is a huge step to take in your life and everything about it requires the utmost detail. But being a newly engaged person can also be confusing and difficult to navigate on your own. One of the most interesting questions that we hear all the time is about a tradition that started many years ago. The engagement ring, still one of the most important part of a proposal, often gets confused with a wedding ring. But we believe both rings should receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

Engagement Ring

To fully understand the engagement ring, it is important to look at how it got its name.

The engagement ring first got its name in 1947, when the De Beers company launched its classic slogan, "A Diamond is Forever." This campaign was meant to boost diamond sales by encouraging men to give women a diamond ring during a proposal. Today it is a tradition when a person pledges their undying love to another to present them with a diamond ring.

Back in the old days, engagement rings were meant to also symbolize that the fiancé was financially secure and had more than enough wealth to take care of his wife. Although that is not true today, engagement rings continue to be expensive and extravagant. Usually consisting of a valuable gemstone and precious metals. The bride to be is also expected to wear her ring for the duration of her engagement until her wedding day. Men, or the person who proposed, is not expected to wear an engagement ring.

Wedding Ring

Wedding rings on the other hand, are usually smaller in size and not as extravagant as an engagement ring. These are the rings that are usually exchanged at the wedding ceremony. A brides wedding ring will be like a band and is usually suggested to be worn at the base of the ring before the engagement ring. However, many brides decide to wear either both or one to symbolize her marriage.

Men do have wedding rings but are usually precious or alternative metals like titanium or cobalt or include smaller gemstones. Unlike the bride, their wedding rings are usually bands and are made to match the brides band. However, there is no universal rule that says it must be that way.

Wedding rings often contain an engraving on the inside such as the date of marriage or some short phrase with a special meaning to the couple.