Beat the Summer Heat

The summer is a special season most people look forward to. However, the intense heat from previous years has been making it extremely difficult to survive the summer months. Don’t let the sun spoil your summer fun, Enji is here to help you have a more sustainable summer with 5 tips.


1. Reusable water bottle

Our first tip to surviving the summer is drinking lots of cold water, this will help replenish your body’s lost moisture. Cold water in a reusable cup will also help lower your internal body temperature making you feel cooler in hot rooms while also reducing waste from disposable bottles. Humans are made up of 60% water and need to constantly replenish it if we are to survive extreme heat. In general drinking water will help your body run more efficiently, so make sure to double up on water intake during your summer excursions.


2. Eat Fresh

One of the best ways to remain cool in the summer is to reduce your need for cooking indoors. Instead of making a roasted chicken, try a refreshing salad instead. There are plenty of amazing salads that require minimal ingredients saving you both energy and money on cooking a meal. Instead of making a pie in the oven make a beautifully sweet fruit salad made with your favorite fruits guaranteed to keep you hydrated.


3. Go Outside

This might seem to counterproductive in the summer as the heat tends to be the most intense outside, but you would be surprised at the cool oasis nature can provide. Go day camping and find a shady area, trees help temperatures go down by as much as 15 degrees. Camp by a river to give yourself quick relief from the sun. Or perhaps gGo to the beach and enjoy the cooling sea breeze. Mother nature might be going through intense summers, but she will always provide a source of relief. Not only will you be nice and cool, but you will also use less energy at home, saving you money.


4. Cook Outside

If you can, investigate making most of your meals outside. Elect to use a propane grill if you can, or low emissions and clean coal. Electing to cook outside is not only a great way to enjoy your summer, but to also reduce energy.  This will help keep your house from getting too warm and help you save the money and trouble of turning on a stove and air conditioner at the same time.


5. Make it Dark

Another great way to conserve energy is to close your windows and curtains. Direct sunlight will help make your home hotter, so by closing the curtains, you are preventing excess heat from entering your home. Get blackout curtains and help your house stay dark reducing the amount of AC you must use.