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Creating Modern Adornment for Beautiful Souls 

I could say our brand story started sometime in the past, that Enji was founded in 2014, or something like that, but really it’s a story about the future. We arrived at this point in our journey by putting one foot in front of the other and that’s how our story will keep evolving. We take steps toward positive change in our industry by practicing ethical sourcing and manufacturing, because it’s important. To us, to you, to the women and men who mined the stones we use to create our pieces. We also donate a portion of each sale to organizations that help empower women locally and globally and work to end domestic violence and human trafficking because that’s part of the future we want to see. We create our pieces for everyday wear, because every day, we all keep putting one foot in front of the other, and taking steps to reach our goals. Our jewelry is designed to be forward thinking and to last so it can accompany you as you write your story.

Here are some of the organizations we work with:

About the Designer

“I come from a family of immigrants and scientists and it impacts the way I design and view the world around me,” says Niki, founder and designer of Enji. “I see the contrasts and the differences in the places I’ve lived and traveled – how it’s all part of a larger whole – and I design like a scientist in that everything is an experiment.”

Niki is a GIA Graduate Jeweler and received her BA in Applied Design and BS in Marketing from San Diego State University in 2014. She was awarded the 2016 Halstead Grant Award and 2014 Windgate Fellowship Award by the Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design which recognizes innovative upcoming talent in the fields of jewelry, glass, furniture, and textile arts. She has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and Europe. To see her one of a kind art pieces and CV check out nikigrandics.com

100% Handmade and Committed to Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Our brand purpose goes beyond making and selling jewelry. Enji is about modern, minimal design that is made ethically and sustainably and gives back to the community. The fashion and jewelry industry has long had a dark side, from blood diamonds to child labor in sweatshops, and the waste and human rights abuses that are committed today in the name of fast fashion. As creators and consumers, our choices now have a global impact. This is why we consider how things are made to be important and this to be part of our responsibility as a business and global citizens. As a designer and jeweler, I only work with suppliers that share this view. This is why we make all of my pieces using only recycled gold and silver, ethically sourced and fairmined stones, chains and findings that are made in the USA and Italy, and packaging and marketing materials made using recycled paper.

As a member of Ethical Metalsmiths, we hope to be among the first movers bringing transparency and sustainable practices into the luxury fashion jewelry world. To learn more about Ethical Metalsmiths and Fairmined gold and gems, visit: ethicalmetalsmiths.org. For more information on our pieces and practices, please contact us, we're happy to share and answer any questions you might have.  All of our pieces are made in our studio in San Diego and we use low-impact, environmentally conscious studio practices to lessen our footprint.