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How Millennials Can Save The Earth

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Millennials have been at the end of various joke through the years, especially from older generations. But, recently Millennials have shown many amazing qualities which could save the world with sustainability. Being a part of this generation myself, I feel it is my responsibility to help change the world. We are one of the most charitable generations and are known for wanting our careers, lifestyles, and the products we buy to align with our values and sense of purpose. Despite all the articles saying we’re killing this industry and that industry, maybe it’s time to change things for the better. Here are some ways we’re making it happen.

Custom Engagement Rings 101

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Congratulations! You are probably here because you feel that either your relationship with your significant other is serious enough to think about weddings, or you have already been asked and want the ability to customize your ring. Either way a custom ring can be a beautiful and special experience that will provide you with a one of a kind piece. Making a custom ring can be a tedious process if you are not aware of all the requirements that it entails. Below is my step by step process of how to be prepared for your unique journey.

Common Questions About Lab Created Diamond

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Diamonds are known for their elegance and beauty, but with the rise in ethical and sustainable greener practices, many jewelers and companies are turning to another source for diamonds than the traditional mines. Lab grown diamonds are starting to grow in popularity especially within the engagement ring industry, but there are many assumptions about these ethical gems. I am here to answer some common questions/ misconceptions most people have.

Quick Overview of Birthstones

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Ah birthstones! A very interesting topic to cover this week. Everyone is usually made aware of their birthstones when they are young. Whether you saw it in a magazine or your friends told you it was very exciting and you wanted to instantly know what your stone was. But did you know that the birthstone come from a very different concept.

Sustainable Gemstone Mining Internationally

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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) held an important first-of-its-kind forum involving gemstone mining at its Paris headquarters in May to bring together as many actors in this scattered industry as possible. The goal of the three-day conference, was to begin the process of creating policies for sustainable mining practices and increasing returns for miners who often dig by hand with little to show for their efforts.

How Fast Fashion Is Slowly Killing The Environment

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The fashion industry has come a long way since we first started making clothes from sheep’s wool. In our modern day and age, we rely on mass produced and affordable clothing to keep us warm in the winter and to clothe our loved ones. Whether it’s buying a new top for ourselves or gifting someone a cool t-shirt for their birthday, there are consequences to our actions. The fashion industry has been trying to keep their practices a secret in the name of profits, but here at ENJI we believe you deserve to know the truth.

Using The 3 R’s To Change The Jewelry Industry

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We all know that the responsibility of helping reduce waste and pollution rests squarely on our shoulders. But it can be difficult known where to start.  Most, if not all of us, are aware of the 3 R’s, as Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, to help cut down on waste. This is one simple rule to follow that can help bring down your carbon footprint. Today I want to talk about how you can use these rules relative to the jewelry industry as most jewelry today carries a large carbon footprint.

The 4 C’s Of Gemstones

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Ahhh… gemstones each unique and beautiful on their own. I myself am fond of tourmalines, and diamonds (especially rough diamonds!) for their colors and unique textures. But it can be tricking buying a new stone if you are unfamiliar with what it is suppose to look like. Fortunately there is a common way to figure out the quality of stones. Let me be clear that diamonds are usually the easiest to compare when using this method as they are easier to distinguish in quality. The four C’s are…