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Jewelry Trend: The Rise Of Rose Gold

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If you haven't heard gold has made a comeback with a new look. Rose gold has resurfaced as a recent trend and this beautiful color has inspired everything from jewelry to Iphones. Rose gold’s stunning color makes it a one of a kind trend in the jewelry industry. In today’s blog ENJI would like to review how this trend made a comeback some possible styles you might love from our collection.

DIY Compost For Sustainable Living

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The practice of sustainable living has been a growing trend these past few years. The idea behind this movement is simply to help reduce waste and live as efficiently and naturally as possible. The transition to sustainable living can be a difficult adjustment, but ENJI is here to help with tips and tricks for how to start living sustainably. We previously talked about growing your own sustainable food from scraps and today we want to help you start your sustainable compost.

Shifting To A Circular Economy

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Many of us buy items with a limited life. Take for example a plastic bag, this item is used for a single time before it is discarded. The solution for this waste problem has often been recycling and although it is a good idea it might not be possible. Many cities do not carry the capacity to recycle all or most of our waste. This is where the idea of a circular economy comes into play.

How To Properly Recycle

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The recent rise in recycling and sustainability has become increasingly prevalent in our society, especially with California being one of the most progressive states. You may have noticed that many institutions, such as libraries and universities, have started to use green or blue recycling bins in combination with traditional trash cans. These bins are the beginning stages of San Diego being a zero-waste city by 2040, but I have also noticed many people are confused when encountering these bins. Today I want to clear up some confusion and talk about what is appropriate recycling material and how to properly recycle in your own home. For research purposes I will be using San Diego guidelines as they are similar, but I encourage everyone to figure out their own city's regulations on recycling.

Common Jewelry Allergy Causing Metals

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Did you ever buy a ring as a child and found out that it caused your skin to turn green the next week? If so, you are not alone; many people have a degree of sensitivity when it comes to jewelry metals. There are various reasons why an allergic reaction can occur. Today ENJI wants to go over the most common types of allergy causing jewelry metals and some helpful hints on how to prevent and avoid your allergies.

Sustainably Growing Your Own Food From Scraps

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America has an ugly truth that few people are aware of and contribute to every single day. We are talking about food waste. America has billions of pounds of food waste, that’s right Billions. Dr. Roni Neff, a Johns Hopkins University researcher, estimates that if America recovered all the food waste we could provide a 2,000-calorie diet to 84% of the population. Although most of this food waste can be attributed to food standards, it also comes from many households. Today ENJI wants to help you end food waste and sustainable grow your own produce from food you would throw away.

8 Podcasts To Inspiring Conscious and Sustainable Living

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If you are a regular here at ENJI, you know that every Friday we post the most interesting article we find. This week we found an amazing article on 8 pod casts to listen to to help inspire you to live a more conscious and sustainable life. 

Follow the link below to see the whole article: 


Top Tips For Getting Your Ring Engraved

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Ring engraving has been a long tradition and usually has a special meaning to those who do it. Engraving a ring doesn’t just have to be for weddings, but for special occasions too. Many college graduates decide to engrave their rings with their graduation date or initials or to commemorate other milestones and achievements. However, if you are going outside the traditional one stop shop you might feel like it's a whole new world (pun intended). So here are ENJI’s top tips for getting your ring engraved.

Inspiring ENJI

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As many of you known ENJI is about modern, minimal design that is made ethically and sustainably and gives back to the community of San Diego. ENJI is not like other jewelers or companies, each of our designs comes from the imagination of a single person with many pieces being a unique or one of a kind. You might have heard her story floating around in interviews, social media, or in magazines. I am not here to tell you what you already known, today we explore the inspiration behind ENJI and get a behind the scenes look at the process.

How To Reduce Your Waste While Saving Money

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With the recent record breaking temperatures in San Francisco and the large wildfire in Los Angeles, it undoubtable that California is expiring climate change. Many people, especially those who hold power in government, deny the fact that our world is changing and that eventually our own way of life will have to change as well. However, power doesn’t lie in a single government or even a single person. California has already made plastic bags illegal to reduce waste and help aid in the fight against climate change. But helping in the fight against climate change and reducing waste does not have to be hard if you are willing to take initiative and here are some of our suggestions.

Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

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Getting engaged is a huge step to take in your life and everything about it requires the utmost detail. But being a newly engaged person can also be confusing and difficult to navigate on your own. One of the most interesting questions that we hear all the time is what the difference is about a tradition that started many years ago. The engagement ring, still one of the most important part of a proposal, often gets confused with a wedding ring. But we believe both rings should receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

3 Ways To Start Being Socially Responsible

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With a rise in social issue such as, workers’ rights and ethical sourcing, many people have decided to become more aware of their consumption. Choosing to buy goods and services that are more socially responsible to the environment, society, and themselves. However, being socially responsible is a lifestyle change and can be difficult understanding where to start. So here are a few easy ideas.

Ethical Gold vs Recycled Gold

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Gold has been coveted for many years for its extreme value and beauty. Traditional mining is deeply rooted into our history. The Gold Rush in California even helped shaped our nation as traditional mining gained popularity. But there are many harmful side effects of traditional mining such as pollution into the environment, slavery, child labor, worker exploitation and land rights violations. Recent trends in social responsibility have shifted the mining and jewelry industry to find substitutes for traditional mining such as fair mining, recycling, and ecofriendly mining. But what exactly do those mean?